Birthday: 3/14/2005
Breed: American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)
Color: Gray dun, with black mane and tail
Height: 16 hands
Owner: Tara Borger

Poco Shy Bar Skip, aka Harley, is the one and only gray horse at Willow Creek Ranch! He was born March 14, 2005 and is registered with the American Quarter Horse Association. He is a handsome gray dun with a black mane and tail.

In September 2016, Willow Creek Ranch volunteer Tara Borger met and fell for Harley. She adopted him, but he came with some “baggage” and some health issues. After months of lameness and one nasty abscess that left him nearly unable to walk for a few days, he fully recovered and adjusted well to life at the Ranch. His baggage? Two adorable, opinionated miniature donkeys who had been Harley’s companions for 4 years. He couldn’t leave his long-time, long-eared friends behind so they, too, came to Willow Creek Ranch and now are part of the EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) program.

To prepare him to be a therapeutic riding program horse, Harley received a lot of desensitizing work, including a refresher on ground manners and trail riding. He has done an amazing job of transitioning into his dual role at the Ranch and loves his new career. He has joined the therapy horse team to accommodate more independent riders, as his height, at 16 hands, makes him a bit too tall for the little riders.

Send Harley some treats or provide for his care to continue to be a part of our program.