Beere (Barry)

Beere (Barry)

Born: 7/31/2008
Breed: Quarter pony / Halflinger cross
Height: 14.1 hands
Color: Sorrel, with a star, flaxen mane
Owned by: Willow Creek Ranch

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BEERE came to Wisconsin in the fall of 2021 from a trail riding program in Arkansas and was purchased by WCR in December. Beere was named to honor Mr. Richard Beere, of Waterford, who kindly donated the use of his 78-acre horse property from 2008-2011, where WCR was able to grow its programs.

Beere will join the equine team of therapeutic riding horses to encourage our riders to be more independent. Because of his smaller size, he is less intimidating than our taller horses, to help build self-confidence and trust. Beere is well-mannered and quiet, at such a young age, we look forward to many years with this guy!